Thursday, July 24, 2008

Game Update 8: PSN Demos 3

They keep adding demos and I keep playing them.

The Bourne Conspiracy - I couldn't even finish the demo before I got fed up with the game. They claim it's based on the books since they couldn't get Matt Damon's likeness rights, but it's clearly a barely interactive rehash of the action scenes from the movies with poor combat.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Succeeds at its goal of being creepy as hell. Looks to be an interesting continuation of a story I don't know much about, and beating the crap out of psychotic freaks with blunt instruments is extremely visceral.

Dark Sector - Pretty solid shooting action, very derivative of Gears of War but the glaive makes it interesting. Boss fight was pretty bad, though.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - Really impressive anime-esque cel-shaded graphics, less impressive but still fun combat system.

echochrome - I like the style and concept quite a bit. The execution seemed a little strange, but it's probably something you get used to after playing for a while.

Haze - The gameplay didn't seem bad and the jungle setting was better than the typical stuff, and I liked that the power-up gimmick wasn't bullet time for once. Still, the game got destroyed by critics so I probably won't pursue it farther.

MLB 08: The Show - Convinced me enough to purchase my first sports game in years, although that wasn't completely the game itself's doing.

Overlord: Raising Hell - I like the idea of an action-RPG thing where you have tons of minions to do your bidding, but what they showed might have been too simplistic. It would have helped to see some normal gameplay instead of just a bunch of tutorial stuff.

Siren: Blood Curse - Fairly creepy, and decent looking for a downloadable product. Not a big horror fan, but it could be fun for people who are.

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