Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Six Feet Under - Season 5

The tagline on the DVD cover says "Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends." And that's about as accurate a statement you could make on the basic message and tone of this fantastic show's last season. Being a show so focused on death, it's never been particularly happy, but before it always had a more lighthearted undertone. That's not completely gone either, as there's still a few dream sequences that fit the show's unique sense of humor. Still, especially with the last third of the season, the finality and inevitability of death are really hammered home. The sense of loss isn't limited to mortality either, as things mostly don't go so well for some of the characters as they realize life might not bring exactly what they wanted.

Two scenes in particular really got to me, one of which had me crying more than any other show or movie that I can remember, and the final scene of the series, which does exactly what it should have done from the beginning in a very beautiful way. I know I've said it before, but the incongruity of this show's creator also running True Blood was as strong as it's ever been. Six Feet Under wasn't always perfect, but it's a supremely effective work that everyone should watch.

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cath said...

I would definitely recommend this TV series