Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Superjail! - Season 1

Superjail! is a bit divisive among some segments of the Internet. Some people understand that it being nothing but eleven straight minutes of over-the-top, ludicrous, well-animated, incredibly violent insanity is the entire point; that that's plenty to carry an enjoyable late night cartoon; and that there's tons of inventiveness behind the sloppy art style and constant, pointless death. And some people are stupid. No, not really. But they're wrong about Superjail!

It's really a simple show. It always opens with the same inmate who's escaped from the prison and is in the middle of some new crime. He gets painfully arrested by the same robot, and then gets brought back to jail by a new surreal route as the theme song plays. Then the normal episode starts, usually involving the warden coming up with a plan to woo the horrifyingly masculine female guard that ends up going horribly wrong, resulting in a huge brawl as dozens of inmates are brutally killed in creative and often morbidly funny ways. It's not Emmy writing here, it's just fun to watch. There's also some more interesting stories, like the two part season finale where the Warden is arrested by time police before he commits a horrible crime. In the right mindset, Superjail! is a lot of fun.

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