Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MC Lars - The Laptop EP

Lars has a new album coming out soon, and he recently put all the MP3s from his first release under his current specific moniker up on his website for download. So uh, I downloaded them. It's a seven-song EP, although two also appear on The Graduate. They mark a big step in production value from Radio Pet Fencing, and the starting point for the repertoire he uses now when performing live. There's some solid beats and catchy choruses to be found, and some interesting sampling and experimenting with other genres. I have to appreciate a rapper who will do a track about Edgar Allen Poe in front of a guitar riff from a Brand New song. "Signing Emo" is probably one of his most popular songs, and has some clever lyrics along with a chorus from a fake punk band that managed to fool some people into trying to book them. "iGeneration" and "Hurricane Fresh" are also both songs sampling rock bands that are popular live. "Stat-60" is less commonly heard but gives Lars definite nerd cred for rhyming about math class, and "Straight Outta Stockholm" is a self-aggrandizing rap but with a nice sound to it, encapsulating well Lars' attitude and outlook. The Laptop EP is a really quick and enjoyable lesson, and there's no reason not to listen when he's giving it to you for free.

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