Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eagleheart - Season 1

Adult Swim shows are always weird, but Eagleheart seems weird in a slightly different way somehow. At first it seemed to just be a take on a Walker Texas Ranger-style cop show, but while there's plenty of that, there's also a lot of truly bizarre stuff sprinkled in too. It helps when the star is Chris Elliott, who knows two things that most people don't: how to be weird as hell, and how to make that actually funny. He's Marshall Chris Monsanto, who has a strong track record of solving crimes in unorthodox ways and getting his partners killed. After his last one is killed by a long time nemesis, he is assigned not one but two new partners, a hot redhead and a dopey guy with a beard. They then proceed to take on a variety of odd cases. That's all you really need to know, and the fact that the episodes were all aired out of order except for the first and last shows that the series doesn't weigh itself down with developing any characters beyond their starting points. It's just a lot of weird and usually funny stuff happening, which was good enough to get the show renewed for another batch of episodes. I could give some examples of the types of stories this show likes to tackle, but a lot of the fun was just finding out when you sit down to watch what ridiculous new crime Chris Monsanto would be solving. The rest of the fun is mostly in the performances, highlighted of course by Elliott, but also by Mad Men veteran Michael Gladis as the Orson Welles-esque chief of the Marshall station. Not every episode is as good as the next, but I didn't hate any of them either. It's a pretty fun show all around, and it's nice to see Adult Swim's continued development of live action material paying off.

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