Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day

Unlike Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, Countdown to Liquor Day is actually in continuity with the series and continues the story, wrapping it up once and for all. It's kind of hard to keep making sequels when the main characters implore the people with the cameras to fuck off already. I liked this more than the previous movie, though not as much as the series itself. A lot of its strengths are on full display, with the main characters as strong as ever and some great comic moments you wouldn't find anywhere else. You just don't usually see this much urination involved in a high speed car chase. Considering that this is apparently the last hurrah for the series, I expected more characters to show up - there's no Cory and Trevor, no Barb, no antagonists besides Mr. Lahey. Several minor characters do pop up here and there in cameo appearances, but I would have liked a bigger, more involving story. The dynamics that are still in place are good though, and it's a solid goodbye for most of the characters.

Like I said though, I didn't enjoy it as much as the show, and there are a few reasons. There aren't enough new people around. There's only a couple new characters with any real screen time, and none of them really make lasting impressions or even have a single memorable line. This leads to the story revolving around the boys versus Lahey yet again, and frankly, while they still find good material there, I'm just a bit tired of it at this point. Hey look, they're butting heads, and Lahey's getting extremely drunk again. The second act of the film definitely seems to drag a bit, and I wish things just got mixed up a little more than they did. You can only go back to the exact same beats so many times. The climax is exciting and funny, I just wished there was a bit more invention to these characters' farewells.

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