Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Walking Dead, Volume 15: We Find Ourselves

Either the book has started to just throw new characters into the story without properly introducing them first (valid given the current situation in the plot), or I'm forgetting some of them in the time it takes for a new volume to come out. My guess is that it's the latter, and that's probably just the reality of reading a comic while it's still coming out, but only in the trade paperback collections. I think part of it though is that things are a bit muddled at this point. There are a whole lot of living characters right now, possibly more than there's ever really been at any point, at least only counting ones that have been given names and things to do. And none of them are really doing that much. There's a bit of a struggle in this volume between some people, but it's over quickly and doesn't have any real consequences. There's very little threat from zombies, either... they're out there, but there's nothing major. It's just sort of a transitional part of the story, taking place shortly after some major events and presumably setting up others. But it's a little underwhelming when it's the only stuff I've read in a few months and I won't read any more for another few. So, yeah. It's fine, there's nothing wrong about it, but at this point it's inessential.

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