Friday, September 26, 2008

Burn Notice - Season 1

Burn Notice is a pretty fun and educational show about a spy. I say educational slightly in jest, but the protagonist's narration is really one of the most enjoyable aspects. He's serious when he needs to be, but does his best to have fun on each job, and frequently gives the viewer tips on how he's succeeding. He doesn't say anything dangerous like how to make the homemade explosive he's using, but he'll give some basics on home defense and getting out of sticky situations that do seem pretty smart. He lucks out usually when most of the bad guys are unfamiliar with all the basic tactics he's using, but it's a unique twist that keeps the series fresh.

It works because the characters are likable, so even when the plot for the week is a bit rote, it's entertaining to see them work through it. He has a slightly insane ex-girlfriend who also happens to be a former IRA member and an old friend from the military played by Bruce Campbell, who's as great as always. I don't usually watch shows with a new conflict every week, but Burn Notice has enough plot and character development to keep me interested. The basic plot is that the main character got blacklisted from his Government job, and has to do whatever low-paying work he can find while stuck in Miami trying to get his old life back. They balance the weekly issue with the long term problem very well, and it makes for a pretty addicting show. I'm not even sure where season 2 takes place after the finale, but I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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