Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sam and Max: Freelance Police

Sam and Max had their own kid's show on FOX for a season, and while a lot of their edge is taken off to make it more family friendly, it was surprisingly decent. All of the mild swears and realistic firearms are gone, but the characters are essentially the same. Plenty of side characters appear, although some are watered down, like the Rubber Pants Commandos whose normal weapons are replaced by milk bottle guns. More characters are added too, like a young female inventor called The Geek, who's supposed to appeal to children I guess. Despite the changed tone, it sticks the closer to the comics than the games do as far as bringing back familiar elements, even recreating certain stories, although they suffer a bit in the translation.

My only problem with the show is really the voices. I'm not sure if the different actors they had for the games were genuinely better for the characters or I'm just used to them from hearing them first, but I just like them much more than the voices used in the show, especially for Sam. They speak the dialogue fine, they just don't sound like Sam and Max. And in general, the voice actors aren't of the quality you'd hope from from a wacky cartoon. Too many of them just say the lines without the appropriate attitude you'd expect. The show's not bad though, definitely worth watching if you like the characters. And I have to respect a show that's final episode is a clip show - with all the clips being fake. I wonder what could have been if more people watched it.

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