Thursday, November 20, 2008

South Park - Season 12

It's hard to argue that South Park is as good as it's ever been, but it's still a good show. It's just that the great episodes are less frequent, and the average one has a higher tendency to not be as funny as it used to be pretty consistently. I still find something to enjoy every time it comes on Wednesday night, but you get the feeling that Trey and Matt are getting a little low on ideas, and it might be smart to call it quits after their contract runs out three years from now. They've even admitted to a little writer's block, as "Imaginationland" was originally the concept for a second movie but was turned into a few episodes because they couldn't think of anything else. They've said they'd like to finish the show with another real movie, and that sounds like a good idea to me.

Part of the problem is that the show's stances on things are becoming predictable, and they stick too closely with a single joke. "About Last Night..." was an entertaining take on the election and heist movies, but you could see the jabs at supporters of both candidates coming from a mile away. And episodes like "Breast Cancer Show Ever", while having some fun moments, are fairly one note and not up to the standard of insanity people expect. But there was some really good stuff this season too, like "Major Boobage" which experimented a lot with animation, "Canada on Strike" pitting online fads against each other, the dedicated reenactors of "Super Fun Time", and the Indiana Jones segments of "The China Probrem". Primetime animation in general hasn't been fantastic lately, and South Park is still worth watching.

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