Saturday, December 19, 2009

Television Update 5: Fall Finales '09

Once again, just about every network show is taking a few weeks off right about now before coming back in 2010 for the back halves of their seasons. Here's what I think about all of them.

30 Rock - I still enjoy the show, but if it sweeps the Emmys again next year I'm going to start wondering if the voters aren't just watching the first two seasons over and over.

American Dad! - It's continuing along as a consistently solid animated sitcom. Not much to say.

Burn Notice - The first half aired back in the summer, and I've forgotten a lot of it by now besides remembering that a couple episodes felt a little too familiar. Still fun, though.

Castle - Coming into its own a bit. Still just a mystery of the week, but a fairly delightful one.

The Cleveland Show - While not as terrible as the early previews looked, it manages to not be very good and hurt the original show at the same time, because Cleveland works much better as a part of Peter's group than a protagonist in his own right.

Community - Pretty darn funny comedy right out of the gate, which is a bit rare for NBC. Definitely worth a shot.

Dollhouse - Only three more episodes left, but after again stumbling a bit in the first couple hours, this season has been astoundingly good science fiction and I'm sad to see it go.

Family Guy - Despite Cleveland being gone, I feel like this season has been better than the last couple, mostly because it's been totally insane for a lot of it.

FlashForward - I was really impressed with the premiere, but it hasn't lived up to it since. I don't like the characters enough and the plot isn't focused enough for either to carry the show.

Fringe - They're doing a better job of connecting the week's strange event to something relevant to the characters, and it's improving the series noticeably.

Glee - I did not expect to find myself watching this, but it's honestly pretty good. Somewhat a guilty pleasure, but it does some interesting, unexpected things.

Heroes - This show is too far gone. Even when an episode is actually okay, I can't bring myself to actually care at all.

How I Met Your Mother - Not as good as the show's been before, but still plenty watchable. I am getting a little tired of waiting for the mom to show up, though. I mean, she can appear without that ending the series right there and then, right?

Legend of the Seeker - Only six episodes deep, but it does seem better than the first season in a few aspects. And it's going to be a little while before we see Ned and Tyrion on TV anyway.

Metalocalypse - They could have flopped with the transition to half hour episodes, but I think it's worked out. Honestly seems funnier this year.

The Office - Still totally enjoyable, though I do find myself wondering lately what's the point of the show. Is it just going to last forever?

Parks and Recreation - Actually probably more consistently funny than its parent show so far this year. The cast is just clicking.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - It's still pretty meh. Why am I watching it again?

V - We only saw four episodes of this, but it showed some level of promise. I was never really on the edge of my seat, though.

The Venture Bros. - The show's longest season has been just as good as the first three halfway through. Could have used some more Brock, but each week is another hit of fantastic comedy and insane, great plotting.

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