Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Raveonettes - Beauty Dies

So I ordered a few CDs on Amazon, and they gave me three dollars of digital music credit. I wanted to use it on something that couldn't be bought physically, since that's how I prefer to own my music. One of the things that came up most looking for digital-only EPs was The Raveonettes, who I knew I liked from one song I'd heard, and had released a series of four a couple years ago. I gave the most popular one a shot and it didn't disappoint. There's only four tracks here, but they're all pretty nice. There's heavy bass, some high-pitched twanging guitar, heavy noise and electronic elements, and some interesting, occasionally haunting harmonies from the Danish duo. They both have their own moments to shine, but the band seems at their most interesting when they're singing together and letting a groove or melody last for as long as it can carry itself. The EP is short and sweet, and it has me fairly interested in checking out more of their work.

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