Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys the show is more or less what the movie suggested - a series about a trio of career criminals who live in a trailer park and try to pull off schemes to get rich (or rich for a trailer park resident, anyway) while constantly getting drunk, stoned, and in trouble with Mr. Lahey, the park's supervisor. Each season has a pretty recognizable formula - a few people (usually Ricky and Julian) get out of jail, get acquainted with the current situation in the park, and proceed to turn that on its head with their plans and petty crimes. The three main characters are a great little group. Julian is the leader who never seems to live up to his own potential, maybe because he basically lives his whole life with a mixed drink in his hand; Ricky is the one at the center of most conflicts, with a peculiar take on the English language and a short temper; Bubbles is weird looking and loves cats, and often has to be protected by his friends, but also has a sinister streak at times.

The show's not just them though -  over the course of the series you meet a ton of the park's residents, including the previously mentioned Lahey and his assistant Randy, who never puts a shirt over his huge gut; Corey and Trevor, who adore the main characters and act like pets around them, and a whole bunch of others. There's no one really recognizable in the show, besides a young Ellen Page as Lahey's daughter in the second season, but the casting benefits the series, as everyone fits their part perfectly and will do anything, no matter how unglamorous, to further the story or just get a laugh. The plots the boys cook up rarely get terribly complicated, but there's an intricacy and excitement to the chaos that always follows that keeps it from getting stale, and the show is just a fun mix of humor and an oddly entertaining bumbling crime drama. The mockumentary angle doesn't make a ton of sense, since I can't imagine anyone, even if they're as dumb as these guys, letting a crew film things like their massive marijuana operation or a supermarket heist, but like most shows with this issue, it doesn't really make it less fun to watch, and provides a few entertaining opportunities. The show ran for seven years last decade, and while it's not my favorite comedy of the period, it was certainly a good time for its entire run.

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