Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Whitest Kids U' Know - Season 5

The Whitest Kids will go on as a comedy troupe, but this was the final regular season of their TV show. For some reason the show actually being over is making me a little sadder than I thought it would; I guess it's just something about how these just seem like five normal guys who stumbled into an opportunity to put their wacky ideas in front of a national audience and did a lot with it. Not every sketch works, sometimes the humor is a bit juvenile, once in a while it seems like they aren't going far enough with the breadth of their concepts. They even reused a couple sketches this season, which is really hard to forgive for something that's only ten twenty-ish minute episodes. But I'll still miss their jokes about anything and willingness to do anything next year.

What was pretty interesting this time was their dedication to a single idea over the course of the entire season - a movie-length sketch called The Civil War on Drugs that played out in chunks every single week and told the story about a couple idiots in the south who mistakenly believe the recent rebellion is about marijuana and get themselves caught up in history, meeting everyone from General Lee to President Lincoln in the process. Some of the gags are pretty easy, but their dedication to the whole thing is impressive, and it's easily the most complex thing they ever did. I had an idea about how they could have easily tied the whole thing back to a sketch from the first season that's still my favorite thing they ever did, but the missed opportunity didn't bother me that much. Now that the show's over, I guess I'll probably be checking out some other sketch comedy groups that have made it on TV over time. And maybe I'll see Miss March, but I'm not sure about that one.

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