Monday, August 18, 2008

Fat Guy Stuck In Internet

I know John from his frequent work on skits for MC Chris albums, and he got his own show on Adult Swim playing a bunch of different characters, including the star and villain. He's not as funny as he is in the skits, partially because he's not cussing so much, but the show is still an entertaining farce of epic action shows. Like Saul of the Mole Men, it lampoons those old series with deliberately horrible special effects, bad acting, and cheap props (the hero's weapon is pretty much a broom handle). It's not the kind of show that sets the world on fire, but I wonder how much of its lame dialogue and trite plots are intentional and how much is just lazy.

The premise is a computer programmer gets sucked into the web and has to save it to get out, and a large part of the humor I enjoy is how hackneyed the references are to the fact that they're online. They'll just randomly insert words like "digital" or "silicone" into object references to remind you of the setting, but really it's mostly irrelevant except to explain the obviously green-screened backgrounds and silver jumpsuits. It's far from the funniest show on Adult Swim, but it's usually solid enough, and there's a cute little storyline that runs through these ten episodes, leading to a teaser for a second season (which will not occur). Gemberling's friend and fellow Chris-contributor Curtis Gwinn plays Chains, the bounty hunter-turned-ally who follows him around everywhere, and the two have a fun chemistry that keeps it watchable even when the episode's subject matter might be getting boring. You probably know whether you'd like this kind of show already.

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