Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sam and Max: Night of the Raving Dead

Night of the Raving Dead tells another successful, funny part of the season two story, although the puzzles took a step backwards for me. It's unclear to me whether that's just my continued failure to grasp certain things, or if they were just more poorly designed. While I did need more help than I would have liked to get through it, it was still solidly fun. I wasn't a big fan of the villain, whose personality comes from being obnoxious instead interesting, but there's plenty going on around him that's entertaining. Flint Paper is another detective that didn't appear in the first season, but he's been around in the second year and this is the first episode where he really gets to do something. These games are what introduced me to the franchise, so it's cool to see them bring back what apparently has been missing. I'm just knocking down these episodes like they're dominoes.

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