Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ah My Buddha - Season 1

The only reason I can think of someone deciding to watch this is if they're like me; bored and have easy access to it. Either I can't or refuse to imagine someone who would be genuinely entertained by it. From the title, you'd think it's trying to crib off Ah! My Goddess' success with the title, but there really isn't much in common. The main character works at a Buddhist temple. So do a bunch of underage girls. Some wacky supernatural shit happens, and the main character has the power to stop it - but that power is only unlocked when he accidentally sees one of the girls naked. And that's about it! There's no actual nudity in the series, just teases and lots of semi-dirty jokes. It's simple trash television, the anime equivalent of most of CBS' lineup, I guess. It's not awful or soul crushing or anything, it just isn't worth your time. And now that I have a job, hopefully things like this won't be worth my time either.

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