Saturday, November 7, 2009

MC Chris - Part Six Part Three

I pretty much knew what to expect at this point from Chris' third release this year. Funny skits that wrap up the story started four releases ago, a few catchy songs with clever, nerd-related lyrics, a more sentimental song for the ladies I guess, and a brief running time. I'd put it closer to Part Six Part Two in terms of quality, but the entire suite is pretty entertaining overall. The skits this time show an increase in the trend of allowing less than perfect takes to make it onto the final recording. When Chris and his friends start breaking out in laughter at the absurdity of what they're saying it can be as funny as if they played it straight, and they're giggling pretty often this time. Actual song-wise, "Hipster Hunter" and "Emo Party" go after a couple different groups in pop culture, and I'm not sure how tongue-in-cheek they really are. "Dengar's Dumptruck" might be my favorite of the new bounty hunter songs, and it might just be nostalgia that keeps "Fett's Vette" on top. "Distant Lands" has a chiptuned beat and is a cute little track to wrap up the new music here. I'm interested to see how MC Chris Goes to Hell shapes up, but until then this drip-feed of new music has been pretty enjoyable.

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