Monday, August 23, 2010

Mary Shelley's Frankenhole - Season 1

Nine of the ten episodes produced for this season has aired, and the tenth, about Mother Teresa, is nowhere on the schedule. So I'll go ahead and talk about this. It's the new show from the creator of Moral Orel, and is both weird and subversive in similar ways, although I think it's also more immediately humorous. It likes playing around with classic horror and time travel story tropes, and also being as offensive as possible with its frequent fake celebrity appearances. Everyone's a target, from Jesus to LBJ to Ron Howard. I almost felt like they were trying too hard with the pop culture stuff, but kept with it because the central premise is pretty interesting.

It begins with the classic (movie) Frankenstein story, and then deviates from it pretty wildly. Victor has taken an immortality potion and given it to his assistant Polidori (the show's best character) and his wife Elizabeth. So now they're living forever, and he has created a system of "Frankenholes" that allow important people from everywhere in history to visit him for help with problems no one else can fix. Plenty of other classic characters have parts, although they're a bit different. Igor is voiced by the creator's daughter, the monster himself is very insecure, and Dracula and Death are thorns in his side. It's a very cynical show, but there's so much creativity in the setting and the problems the celebrities come to him with are so bizarre that it can't help being a lot of fun. As always it's questionable whether it gets to continue, but I hope they go on to explore the concept a lot more in future seasons.

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