Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Whitest Kids U' Know - Season 4

The Whitest Kids' fourth season returned to the half hour format, one I think works a bit better for a sketch show because there's more of an opportunity to let a particularly good idea breathe without worrying about it taking over the whole episode. I have some concerns about the show's future since the broadcast of these episodes was delayed for a while, but it definitely wasn't because of a lack in quality. There were definitely some of their best sketches in a while. It's hard to say what makes it so watchable despite the limited cast and low production values, though part of it is how they're willing (and allowed) to do pretty much anything for a laugh. I think there were at least five episodes this year with a sketch that starts out with somebody sitting at their computer, masturbating with hand lotion. While a lot of the jokes are pretty broad, some of my favorite bits are just minor details. In the brilliant sketch where Zach sets up a .50 caliber machine gun in a bar, why is Timmy's character so obsessed with apple butter? Because it's kind of funny and weird, that's why. Zach and Trevor continue to get the best roles for the most part, and that's still because they're the best actors in the group, though everybody definitely gets moments to shine. With how bad Saturday Night Live seems to have been for years, I'm glad that somewhere there's a show that pushes the envelope like it used to.

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