Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Entourage - Season 7

I'll just say I'm glad that next year will be the final season, and that it will be shorter than usual. Entourage was fun for the first few years, but it's slowly lost appeal with time as more people have fallen off the bandwagon and it fails to grow creatively. It's just reached the point where nothing interesting is happening to the characters. Turtle has another girlfriend who's way too hot for him, and gets involved in a business that results in the show's most absurd string of pointless celebrity cameos yet. Drama's still having trouble getting a job. E still has a job... and he's still getting married to Sloan... and that's it.

The other two main threads are a bit more interesting, but not handled with much originality or panache. Ari's anger finally starts to get him in trouble, both publicly and with his wife. It could be an interesting story, if watching Ari explode at people wasn't one of the only things still entertaining about this show. And we come to the big one, Vince's fall from grace. It starts when he becomes an adrenaline junkie after an accident on set. Then he starts dating a porn star (actual porn star Sasha Grey playing herself), then he gets into way heavier drugs, and then he becomes a total jerk and alienates everyone who likes him. It's a typical Hollywood tale, told with no real grace and hard to care about with Vince unable to either sympathize himself or at least make the downfall look compelling. Didn't this show used to be fun? I can hardly remember anymore. I'll watch it limp to the finish line, but I'm not too excited to do so.

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