Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood - Season 3

Another year, and True Blood continues to be the most up and down show on television. I really can't think of one that's more inconsistent in quality from moment to moment. It can be hilarious, enjoyably cheesy, effectively creepy, and horribly violent all in one scene. And then it can waste your time for five minutes with another bunch of half-baked southern stereotypes or some moping from one of the more annoying characters. There's just no telling at any moment if the next subplot is gonna be a fun time or another complete chore to sit through. I like the show a lot, because when it's good it's really a ton of fun, but it will never be great with its current success rate when it comes to characters and story ideas. I'd say something about the success of the main storyline in relation to the other seasons, but it's again so anticlimactic that it hardly even registers as rising action within the context of the ton of other things going on.

The scope of the show grows again this year. After dealing with a Maenad last year, we're back to vampires for this season's big villain. But it doesn't feel limited because this one employs werewolves to do his dirty work, adding another dimension to the series (even if it isn't one I was dying to see), and he and his husband also happen to be two of the best characters on the show. We learn more about the actual power structure of vampire society, which is sort of interesting, but the focus is still mostly on the ones we already know. Sookie's again caught up in the troubles of the undead. Jason wants to be a cop but is torn from his duty by a wretched storyline involving advanced super-hicks who also happen to be supernaturally inclined. And who isn't? Lafayette finds himself caught up in that too. By the end of the series, there won't be a single normal human left. Tara can't get over Eggs even though she knew him for like two weeks (this show takes place over an absurdly short period of time), and Sam finds his real family, who happen to be trash incarnate. And supernatural. If you can't tell, there's a ton of crap going on all the time, and I haven't even mentioned some of the more obscure characters. I'm looking forward to seeing more next summer, and hoping against hope they finally learn how to write an entire episode that doesn't make me roll my eyes.

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