Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Drinky Crow Show

The Drinky Crow Show is another reasonably funny, unfit-for-children cartoon on Adult Swim, based on Tony Millionaire's long-running comic strip named Maakies. Millionaire and Eric Kaplan, who's written for a number of humorous shows, seem to have just transplanted the characters pretty seamlessly into animated form. It's surprisingly good looking, with computer generated images made to look hand drawn, but with simple, recycled designs to keep it economical. It's all pretty surreal and hyper-violent, but in an endearing way. Drinky Crow and Uncle Gabby, voiced by Stamatopoulos and Herman, spend all their time getting drunk, pursuing women (although in very different ways), and sailing around getting into trouble. A lot of the dialogue and delivery is the intentionally stilted sort of stuff that you might remember from older cartoons, and along with the period nautical theme it gives the show an odd atmosphere. There are some good guests too, like a couple appearances by Bret and Jemaine as aliens with designs for Earth. Not every episode is a big success, but it's definitely a funnier and more watchable show that I expected based on the early promos.

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