Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ultimately, Spriggan disappointed me. I had heard it was kinda crazy, and that's what I was looking forward to. And for a while it looked like it was delivering. But then it changed gears and went towards a different kind of crazy than the one I wanted. Instead of over-the-top, silly violence, I got a strange looking kid with mind powers teleported in directly from Akira and a strange, not-well-explained machine of immense godly power. Things are pretty entertaining for a while, I was just not into the last half hour at all.

It starts off with something ancient being discovered, and then a teenage kid stalking through the jungle armed with some heavy weaponry. And then he wakes up in class. But oh wait, he really is some sort of super soldier. He runs away from some dudes and then fights some other weird looking dudes he used to know. It's all based on a manga, and probably makes more sense when you're not just grabbing part of the story. There's some scientists and snow and then the kid shows up and kills people with his brain. He's the bad guy. When people get shot, blood spurts out a lot. All of the animation budget went into the action scenes, which makes sense of course. They go into another dimension and there's some dinosaurs and stuff. Some stuff blows up. Um... it's not very good. My favorite scene was early on where the main character (He's a "spriggan", the name of the special fighters in his organization. Hey wait, that's the name of the movie!) is chased in a car and then on foot for a couple minutes. It was fun to watch. He threw a guy out of a jeep on the freeway. He has a tragic past, you know. Watch out for that.

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