Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Whitest Kids U' Know - Season 2

Here we are again talking about a season of a comedy shortly after talking about the previous one. The biggest thing that separates season two from the first is the switch in network. The move to IFC let them go uncensored, and they capitalized in the very first sketch of the first episode where a guy is disgusted by his friend's inability to keep his balls inside his pants while they're talking. It goes on from there, with lots of the same sort of irreverent humor that we saw before, just with some more swearing and some breasts thrown in here and there. The season finale is footage from behind the scenes and on stage at a live performance, and it actually had some of my favorite bits from their entire repertoire.

Why don't I tell you what I think of the whole gang? Darren must have a thing for cross-dressing, since he seems to do it significantly more often than anyone else. It also could just be he's the best looking chick, though. I feel like he should get more parts. Sam frequently plays smaller or less intelligent roles, but he can also do some really good stuff, such as elaborate speeches in a Shakespearean accent. Trevor's essentially the leader, being the head writer, frequently having the best part in a given sketch, and apparently being the only one with musical inclinations. I think Zach might be the best actual actor in the group, and he's basically #2 to Trevor's #1 in terms of creative control of the group and quality of parts. Timmy is pretty goofy looking and plays a lot of demeaning parts, but I guess it doesn't bother him, maybe because without this he'd not have a career at all. All of them are pretty funny, though. The third season starts up later this month.

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