Friday, November 5, 2010

Delocated - Season 2

As is often the case with certain comedies, Delocated improved markedly in its second season. It helps that it had triple the amount of time to have fun with the concept (12 half hour episodes over 7 fifteen minute ones), and they also expanded the cast in entertaining ways. While the first season had a lot of fun with the absurdity of the concept of a man in the Witness Protection Program getting a reality show, it's more just a fact of life here and the humor comes from all the weird stuff he comes up with to pass the time and a few other running subplots. I can't remember if Yvgeny's father was introduced in season one, but his brother Sergei is definitely new and a great addition. He has the cold-blooded killer's spirit that Eugene Mirman's Yvgeny simply doesn't. It provides for a new source of laughs and occasional actual darkness as he kills everyone around Jon to try to make his life hell.

But the Russian mob is generally in the background as a B story to whatever Jon's working on. His new producer Mighty Joe Jon the Black Blond is a likable jerk in much the same way Jon himself is, although he's definitely more downright antagonistic at times. Jon's new handler is a bit more interesting than the one from the first season, since there's more of an arc to their friendship and it has more time to build. They also developed his actual family more, with generally entertaining results. His son reminds me a bit of Justin Bieber, but not enough to make me want to punch him. There's no telling yet if the show's coming back, especially since I don't really know what it means that they moved premieres to Thursday night in the middle of the season yet still replayed the episodes at the regular time on Sunday. But I hope it does, because it's a funny, clever show that still has plenty of material it can explore.

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