Sunday, November 21, 2010

Girl Talk - All Day

All Girl Talk albums are basically the same thing. That's not really a knock, he does one thing and does it very well. A good mash-up can be a very surprising and entertaining thing, and Gillis is pretty much the Picasso of the medium. Even if you've already listened to a lot of his work, a new batch of it is always worth checking out just to see what he managed to cram together this time. No one else even seems to be trying to do what he does regularly. He released the fifth album earlier this week and broke the internet when everyone tried to download it once. I managed to grab it from a torrent linked on his website, and wasn't surprised to find I enjoyed it about as much as the other two records of his I've heard. Like the last one, it's meant to be heard as one long, continuous piece of music, and it's even available as a single hour long file if you're so inclined. You can spot a few places where he takes a breath before jumping straight into the next sequence of co-mingling tracks from all eras and types of music, but it's pretty much a constantly evolving and continuing enjoyable jumble of sound. I could do what I've done before and point out some of the more inspired selections, but really you should just find a list and check it out yourself. Everybody likes different stuff, and pretty much everyone could probably pick a handful of favorites from the literally hundreds of sources he used to put the album together. It's not something that I could really see elevating to truly great music status in my mind, but it's certainly a good time to listen to.

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