Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weeds - Season 6

I don't understand why some publications review seasons of television series and not just episodes before they've actually seen the finale, or even more than a handful of episodes. How can you really pass judgment on the quality of something before you've seen the whole thing? That's like if Roger Ebert walked out of movies after the first hour because he'd seen enough to write his review. Obviously if a show is completely episodic it's more justifiable, because while the quality may ebb and flow slightly from week to week, you pretty much know what you're getting. But with a heavily plotted and character-based show like Weeds, you really need to see the whole thing to know if what came before was worth it.

While I enjoyed the last couple years of Weeds, I have to agree that it seemed like the show lost its way at least a bit during that time. Things were happening just because they needed to keep happening. And for a lot of this season I found myself wondering what the point was, and if the story was actually going anywhere. But by the end I was convinced that it was worth it, and while I still don't know how much longer it can or should last, we should maybe give the creators a bit more credit that we have been. This season actually took a lot of risks by having the Botwins traveling all over America instead of sticking to one location as we finally saw what the world of Weeds is like outside California. We spend time in Seattle, Detroit, and in various other places, never letting one location and set of supporting actors get stale before moving on. It wasn't the show's most exciting or funniest season, but it was competently entertaining, and had one of the best finales in the show's run. I was considering whether I would stick with the show for another year most of the time, but in the end the decision was made for me. I'll be there next year.

Also, here are my recaps for the last four episodes of the season:
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