Thursday, November 18, 2010

South Park - Season 14

South Park is really quite venerable at this point. They've now completed more seasons than The Simpsons had when they did the episode about how The Simpsons had been on so long that there weren't any stories it hadn't done. Of course South Park seasons are typically only about two thirds as long as Simpsons ones, but the fact is it's been around for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if the creators are sick of making it at this point, and decide not to continue after their contract is up following the 15th run next year. I mean, making 14 20 minute cartoons a year seems like a pretty cushy job, but at some point you gotta move on, right? It's not like animated shows on networks that have a lot of turnover on the writing staff and can perpetuate themselves seemingly indefinitely. Not that I'm really complaining about the quality of the season. It was pretty good. I've come to accept that the show is no longer the mixture of laugh out loud hilarity and absolutely shocking imagery that it was, and has settled into being quietly amusing and mildly provocative.

I'm not even sure that it's actually the quality of the content anymore - it would be pretty surprising if another episode had characters bouncing around on their gigantic cancerous testicles. It could be just that South Park is more like an old friend than anything else now. Two multi-part episodes this time, including a three parter that seemed to dominate the second half of the season. It's probably easier to work on fewer stories per year. The 200th episode really brought a lot of crap the creators have to put up with to light, and the Coon storyline seemed a bit long but was fairly packed with amusing bits from all sorts of origins. Facebook, Jersey Shore, and Inception were mocked, NASCAR and the Shake Weight were poked fun at. There's actually not very much from this season that wasn't taken from pop culture somehow. That can be fine, although sometimes the best South Park episodes aren't topical at all, and there weren't really any classics this year. Not a big deal though. Just a few months until the next batch of shows.

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