Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season 7

I'm pretty sure the season is over at this point, so I'm doing this, even though I got burned on the same thing when FOX decided American Dad! wasn't over when Sons of Tucson bombed a little while ago. But no big deal, right? Right. It's in this season that the now venerable Aqua Teens reach their 100th episode, and it's one of the better runs in a while for the show. The easiest way to describe this season is really weird. I mean, the show has always been odd, but they stepped up their game again this time, and I have to say it worked out for the most part. It began last year with a Christmas episode where a very disrespectful Shake decides to cut a rap album, and continued in February with a string of relative successes. The first of these continued off of the previous season finale and had a lot of homages to the first episode ever, really setting the strange tone that would define what followed. The teens visit an island of dangerous birds to use their eggs for a pinball machine, keep their hands on a giant hamburger until long after it is no longer edible, and in the finale, realize that thanks to the show's short running time they're only halfway to the hundred half-hour qualification for syndication and then get lost in a Scooby Doo parody. Can't really say at this point how much longer the show can last, but there's at least one more movie coming anyway, so I'll enjoy it while it's still around.

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TC said...

Hopefully 7 more seasons..