Friday, May 7, 2010

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! - Season 5

This season took a long time coming, and it took a little while to get into full gear. But once it did, it was totally worth it. I annoyed one friend by repeatedly referring to the first few episodes as "by the numbers", and I stand by that assessment, as they feel as typical as this truly strange show can. Things started looking up when Casey's brother tried to resurrect him, and were fully corrected by the time the duo got their eyes pecked out by crows. They don't look back and it's pretty fantastic through the final scene of the extra long finale, an homage to The Godfather involving all of the show's beloved regulars and some rotten man milk.

I guess I'll run down some of the great guests this season - John C. Reilly's great as always, and Dr. Steve Brule is finally getting his own show in a couple weeks. Weird Al and Bob Odenkirk are back, Wendell Pierce from The Wire gives his all in a thankless role, and Will Ferrell portrays the patriarch of the Mahanahan family. Zach Galifianakis' Tairy Greene gets an episode devoted to his work, featuring some great guests like David Cross and the ghost of LeVar Burton, and the finale features Paul Rudd and Ben Stiller playing themselves. Even the slightly weaker episodes are bound to have at least one killer bit, and by the end of the run it's vintage greatness every time. I know these guys aren't going to do the show forever, but I'm definitely going to cherish each one of these episodes and any others they do for a long time.

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