Monday, May 31, 2010

Legend of the Seeker - Season 2

Unless something happens to save it, Legend of the Seeker is dead and buried. I'm not too broken up about it, although I can't say I won't miss it a little. The second season improved slightly on the first, with an additional main cast member that made the general episode-to-episode dynamic a bit more interesting and a better sense of continuity and purpose over the course of the year. It's a well produced show that's kind of hard to hate, and while I'm not dying to know what happens next, I'm a bit disappointed to see a capable fantasy show bite the dust.

Like I said, regular episodes are integrated into the plot a bit better, with events leading into each other more naturally and an obvious goal from the outset. Not everything's great such as the continued existence of last season's villain, Darken Rahl. There are few things more annoying to me in genre fiction these days than a bad guy who won't go away, and despite being killed in the first season's finale he seems to show up even more often in this go around. I still like Richard and Kahlan, although the magical forces keeping them separated were really starting to drag at a certain point, although luckily that was resolved just in time for it not to matter since the show's over. The new main character is Cara, a reformed villain. Not much about her is terribly original, but her addition to the show led to some new situations and she was nice enough to look at anyway. I might miss Zedd most of all - he wasn't always as smart as you might expect the wizened mentor to be, but he was really good at killing things with fire. Like the first season, the second ended with everything turning out just fine without even a hook for the future, which at least allows me to pretend that's the end of the story and close the book on a fun if less than amazing show.


surveillance gadgets said...

Personally, I am a bit more disappointed than you seem to be. I was able to get invested into the show from the start and I even liked season one. ;p

I don;t worry about plots and quite frankly don't really even care about "the story" if I am sufficiently entertained.

I watched for the fun. The fights. The sexual tension and in season two, especially for Cara. That is one fine woman!

I will miss the show but at least we got two seasons not like what happened to Firefly. grrr!

Adrenaline said...

Like I said, I enjoyed it mostly. It just won't be any great loss for the cultural landscape.