Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule

I somehow missed that the fifth season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! was its last, as the creators seem to be moving on and expanding their reach beyond Adult Swim. They've done music videos, commercials, and appeared on multiple other shows. I'm fine with this, because anything they do seems to be gold. They haven't abandoned Cartoon Network though, producing and writing this spin-off along with John C. Reilly. I don't know if a legitimate actor like Reilly intends to do more after this solid, six episode run, but I sure wouldn't mind if he did.

The Steve Brule character has always been a highlight of Awesome Show when he's shown up, and giving him his own investigative series is a brilliant idea. They really take the lo-fi channel 5 community television thing to the max, with the whole series filmed and edited on VHS with constant errors and glitches, like we're watching someone's taped copy of the series which airs at 4:30 AM before "Mass for Shut-Ins". The show features a range of topics and some good guest stars, as Steve talks about things that interest him, such as his own fear of puppets and the importance of family. The character is almost too cripplingly stupid at this point to believably have a presence on even local television, but it's funny enough, and often depressing enough when he explores his own inadequacies, that it's still a good watch. There's not a ton of content here, but what there is is pretty enjoyable.

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sluggwood said...

I didn't know this had even started airing yet. Shame.