Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thor: Latverian Prometheus

I actually know Kieron Gillen as a writer of video game journalism on the Internet, but apparently he writes comics as well. These few issues wrap up the most important plot points left behind by J. Michael Straczynski, mostly by having dudes fight each other a lot. Asgard takes on its fallen comrades twisted by Doom's experiments, and Thor takes on the Doctor himself. It's a pretty entertaining, well drawn book, if a bit lacking in the more interesting story parts of what came earlier. Loki manages to worm his way out of a real punishment for his scheme, but that's entirely to be expected in a comic book like this. This all leads into Siege, a big crossover story that ended last month and featured Thor heavily. I'm not really planning on digging much deeper into Thor, But it was a fun story while it lasted. This volume also includes a single issue story about Sif, but I didn't like it very much as it was about weird aliens. I mean... it's weird enough to deal with a universe where Norse gods live alongside visitors from another world, putting them together just isn't something I really want to see. Ah well. Comic books!

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