Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tales of Monkey Island: The Siege of Spinner Cay

Overall, I really can't say that the second chapter of this series was as strong as the first. It's possible that the first chapter was just extra beefy to introduce the whole plot, but Spinner Cay felt insubstantial in comparison. I don't mean just in length, because the first was actually a bit long in the tooth, but in having a fulfilling arc to the story and gameplay. It didn't have the real three act structure I've come to expect, and it's not like the puzzles that were there made up for it much. I had some trouble figuring a few out, and it's not like they were particularly clever, the solutions just didn't make logical sense, not even by wacky cartoon standards. Plus it's always an issue when an area that's vitally important to finishing the game is so easy to overlook with the way they made the interface. I also can't say I'm big on the subplot with Guybrush being jealous of Elaine spending time with the "good" LeChuck - come on, it's just a matter of time until it turns out he's REALLY EVIL AND OH I HAVE TO SAVE HER. It wasn't a bad game, though. Pretty funny in places, and it's pretty fun just to be in Monkey Island's world. Plus I figured out how to run with the game's awkward control scheme! So that's useful.

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