Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Walking Dead, Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life

So. Yeah. This book is pretty messed up. Main characters have been disfigured. Many people have been killed, both by zombies and their fellow survivors. Just lots of bad things have happened. The worst part just might be the faint glimmer of hope, the straggling belief that things might change, the optimism that new life can be started while it's ending all around them. Lots of stories try to sell the idea that no character is safe, but I believe it with The Walking Dead more than almost anything else. It's impossible to feel good for the characters living in this world. You just keep reading to find out how it's going to go bad. Pure nihilism in comic book form. But despite some continued over-explanatory dialogue, it's mostly well written, and the art is very effective at showing you something you'd never want to see. It's an achievement to make something so joyless so easily readable. And hey, the TV show is really coming along too. They've showed images of the main character and the zombies, both look good. I don't know how far they're going to take it, but I have a lot of faith in AMC.

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